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28th World Congress on Nursing Care, will be organized around the theme “Outstanding Nursing Innovations in Health Care”

Nursing Care Congress 2021 is comprised of keynote and speakers sessions on latest cutting edge research designed to offer comprehensive global discussions that address current issues in Nursing Care Congress 2021

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Nursing research is a systematic and intensive process designed to perform specific analysis with the goal of minimizing and finding ways to resolve current issues in nursing practice, patient care through research, initiate and assess change and take action to improve nursing practice. 
  • Track 1-1Improvement of Clinical Research
  • Track 1-2Prevention or Delaying of Onset of Disease
  • Track 1-3Finding Effective Approaches to Achieve Optimal Health
  • Track 1-4Understanding the Symptoms of Illness

Nursing educator primarily focuses on educating people about the Healthcare and its effective ways to deliver the medical care to patients. It educates Healthcare professionals about administering methods of medicine, to inspect patients to give the best services possible to patients.


  • Track 2-1Medication safety
  • Track 2-2Hospital-Acquired Infections
  • Track 2-3Innovations in Nursing Education
  • Track 2-4Faculty Development
Pediatric nursing is the Healthcare for the neonatal to young adults. Pediatric Doctors and Nurses should take great care while dealing them and continuous care and observation. Nurses have to record every vital signs and improving communication skills with patients and their families and doctors. But, when dealing with neonatal patients, specialist nurses and registered practitioners should work with these vulnerable patients, such as those with birth defects, heart problems, infections, etc.,


  • Track 3-1Neonatal Emergency Nursing
  • Track 3-2Palliative Neonatal nursing
  • Track 3-3Neonatal nurse practitioners
  • Track 3-4Pediatric nursing
  • Track 3-5Child health care
Public health nurses work within the community to improve the overall health of that particular region. Their most common places of work are national or state health services or public health services, prisons, occupational health establishments, businesses and schools. They put out their plans to improve or eliminate health or safety issues in a community, issues such as vaccinations, STDs, and obesity. They also help communities prepare for natural disasters and participate in disaster relief efforts.
  • Track 4-1Occupational Epidemiology
  • Track 4-2Wound Care
  • Track 4-3Dental & Dermatology Nurse
  • Track 4-4Nursing Management
Cardiac nursing care is particularly focused on the prevention and treatment of conditions associated with heart disease. These departmental professionals must work with the cardiac team of physicians and patients. Cardiac nurses should perform heart and vascular monitoring and patient health assessments. Cardiology nurses must be certified in basic and advanced cardiac support. In addition to this, cardiac nurses have to assess different types of machines fitted in hospitals.
  • Track 5-1Stress test evaluations
  • Track 5-2Hemodynamic monitoring
  • Track 5-3Monitoring cardiac and vascular readings
  • Track 5-4Intensive hemodialysis
  • Track 5-5Caring for heart transplant patients
These registered nursing practitioners who take care of women in their pregnancy period, before and after birth and also who are facing complications during pregnancy not only that helping them in labor and delivery time. Gynoecia nurses also educate women/girls about sexual health and reproduction and contraception .
  • Track 6-1Infections in Pregnancy
  • Track 6-2Operative Obstetrics
  • Track 6-3Recent Advances in Medical and Surgical Management
  • Track 6-4Normal Pregnancy, Labor & Puerperium
  • Track 6-5Operative Gynecology
These surgical nurses are trained to be experts in pre and postoperative care procedures. They add most dynamic and challenging environments with key roles in life-saving surgical procedures and surrounding care. Sometimes even called Surgical or an Operating room Nurse, they're going to be liable for educating patients on procedures before surgery, adjusting treatment plans, and teaching patients about post-operative self-care. Sometimes even doctors need to believe these dedicated professionals who save countless lives, and who bring positive improvements within the health and welfare of patients and their families. Though it's going to sound and may be stressful sometimes , it's ultimately rewarding.
  • Track 7-1Colo-rectal surgery
  • Track 7-2Surgical Oncology
  • Track 7-3 Urological Surgery
  • Track 7-4Vascular Surgery
  • Track 7-5General Surgery
  • Track 7-6Orthopedic Surgery
Oncology nursing is one of the most difficult areas in nursing. Cancer nursing is the expansion of services to people who struggle with cancer by trained specialists and registered nurses and they are called oncology nurses. Physical treatment, prescription of drugs, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other treatments are supervised by these nurses. These registered nurses have extensive knowledge of cancer disease and its treatment side effects. The crucial part of cancer nursing is to educate the patient about the disease, alongside the management, to listen to the emotional distress and anxieties of the patient and to refer them appropriately if necessary with moral support.
  • Track 8-1Education on oncology nursing
  • Track 8-2Symptoms management
  • Track 8-3Direct patient care
  • Track 8-4Radiation treatment

Nutrition is a basic human need and essential for a healthy life. A proper diet is essential from a very early age of life for growth active life. Nutrition is the science that deals with all the various factors of which food is poised and how proper nourishment is brought. Carbohydrates and fat are good energy yielding foods and they contribute to metabolism and energy necessities. Consumption of nutrients for a better health is available in the forms of plant and animal origin. 

There are bodybuilding (meat, milk, poultry, fish, eggs, legumes, etc.), energy (grains, sugars, fats, oils, etc.) and protective foods (vegetables, fruits, milk, etc. ), which provide a lot of nutrients and health.
  • Track 9-1Obesity and its Treatment
  • Track 9-2Public Health Nutrition
  • Track 9-3Organic Drinks
  • Track 9-4Health policies & implementation
  • Track 9-5Nutrition & Wellness
  • Track 9-6Nutrient Bioavailability
  • Track 9-7Nutritional Education & Counseling Programs

dental nurse assists the dentist with all aspects of the patient's dental care. As a Dental Nurse, you will work with the dental team, technicians / technologists, hygienists, and therapists to treat patients of all ages. Some are dedicated to control while others will have more complex processing. You will need to reassure and calm people down, while supporting the team in all aspects of health and patient care. In a dental office, you will greet patients and provide direct support to the treatment itself: take responsibility for instrument decontamination, maintain dental practice equipment by ensuring all relevant materials and supplies are in place, going through patient records, including notes when the dentist checks a patient, working closely with the dentist, responding to questions quickly and generally keeping the operating room ready for use.

  • Track 10-1Dental sedation nursing
  • Track 10-2Orthodontic nursing
  • Track 10-3Special care dental nursing
  • Track 10-4Oral health education

Clinical nursing is a propelled field, which means you could become employed in education and leadership roles as well. The work covers some regular areas, including emergency care, pediatrics and geriatrics. There is a huge market for clinical nurse specialists in particular, as they are very experienced in sophisticated technologies. Clinical nursing skills and techniques are fundamental to better patient outcomes, they include some basic to complex techniques such as monitoring, time management, critical thinking in various circumstances, judgment and taking care. decision that takes into account the relative costs and benefits of potential actions to choose the most suitable. In this way, certain abilities and methods are repeated and finished with a general spirit.

  • Track 11-1Clinical Nursing Techniques
  • Track 11-2Clinical Nursing and Theory
  • Track 11-3Clinical Nursing Research
  • Track 11-4Clinical Nursing Practice
  • Track 11-5Clinical Evaluation